Reina and Kyota | Tokyo, Japan Prewedding

“Love must be learned and learned again and again. There is no end to it.”-

Katherine Anne Porter, -American Writer

Tokyo is one of the busiest cities in the world. Most people are busy with their jobs. As the most populated city in the world, it turns out the idea of finding my soul mate is not that easy in Tokyo but not for Kyota and Reina. Our cute Japanese couple decided to get married and unite their sacred love.

Kyota had known Reina from campus. They were friends until friendship blossomed into love and a few months later, he decided to propose to her. He just falls in love with her infectious smile and her positive energy. They spend only 2.5 hours on this pre-wed photoshoot which takes place in their hometown, Tokyo. The Shibuya intersection and Tokyo Tower embrace and celebrate Kyota and Reina’s love. For me, Tokyo’s fast pace truly excites my senses, but there are also beautiful parks, ancient shrines, and other exotic locations that can be an ideal location for capturing your special moment.

Kyota and Reina promise to live till death apart. Because it still takes time for them to know each other and understand each other. Day and night, black and white their lives will continue to run, until separated by death.